Last post from Iona.

This is my last post on the Iona Residencies blog. (I have transferred my entries onto my own blog at:
I leave to go home on 13th December. December is a difficult month with the approach of Christmas. Snatches of choral music at this time of year inevitably remind me of my father whose life for so much of my childhood was part of Kings College, Cambridge. Nine lessons and carols on Christmas Eve, heard on the radio, have often reduced me to tears as one is meant to embrace family and good cheer. For me this is always tinged with great sadness and this year, 13th December 2014, my father would have been a hundred. He died thirty five years ago but none the less the poignancy of missing him remains.
Spending a month on Iona has in some way been a tribute to him. He believed in me and any artistic talent I may have and it is very likely that I am an artist because of him. Himself a painter of botanical illustration he made a light burn in me to express myself with integrity and I hope these paintings are witness to that.
JER.1914-1980. I love you.


7 thoughts on “Last post from Iona.

  1. Deep respect , Anna, for the walking of your journey on Iona. I am deeply moved by your ‘last post’. How apt.
    I sense that this time has taken you to the limit, in all kinds of ways. I feel that this can only be reflected in powerful work.I look forward to seeing the art that has emerged from this powerful time for you. I’ve been working on some of the music, words and images that came to me on Iona’s wild shores recently. If you would like to continue a conversation about shared creative endeavour on Iona, we can keep in touch via email. I don’t have your address, but you have mine.
    I hope you find some rest, and joy back at home with your family at this poignant time. The Kings College service has the same effect on me.
    with warmest wishes – Julie

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    1. Thank you Barley Books. I am delighted you have enjoyed the journey. I had a wonderful time and being outside my comfort zone was very stimulating and produced some work I am pleased with. If you would like to be added to a mailing list if and when this work is exhibited then please let me know.


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