Some work so far……



7 thoughts on “Some work so far……

  1. I can feel the wind and the waves … wonderful. Did you find the body of the seabird (was it a gannet?) in the sand? I saw the feathers on this page and wondered. I found that image incredibly powerful when I saw it on the beach, of the white feathers in the sand. I love the grittiness of some of your images, and the sense of power and rhythm. Julie

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    1. Thanks for your kind comments Julie. The feathers I am using come from a dead swan that was on the beach when I arrived. It has gone now but there are still feathers in the sand and I collect them every day.


  2. It’s amazing we can follow your residence from Barcelona, I didn’t expect that! Our short trip to Iona was a great experience, thank you for being such an interesting part of it :))

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    1. I am delighted you have found it and it was very nice to meet you both. I was thinking of sending you an e mail if we have an exhibition or something…..but now you have found us, you can follow the other people who are visiting for the residency too.


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