Day 12 | An outing.

Exciting to have a day out. As someone who comes from the south of England, it holds the same excitement as going up to London for the day. I expect that is because I am off to meet my husband for a date. Up before dawn and a forty minute walk. Watch the sun rise over the Abbey and listen to the gossip of geese as they rearrange themselves. The call of buzzards overhead. There are so many rabbits on Iona that there is enough food for several pairs and two birds spend their days quartering the croft. Hundreds of starlings sit on the wires and during the day patrol up and down the beach, combing for food amongst the kelp; piles of sea vegetable washed up by the surf.

P1150787 P1150995 P1150978 P1150992 P1150986 P1150974 P1150970

I stayed the night with friends and drove back along the coast road, watching the islands change from different angles and so I returned, understanding better what islands there are to the west of Mull. It is extrodinary how on some days you feel as if you could reach out and touch Lunga, The Dutchman’s Cap or Staffa and on other days they are the backdrop to a mysterious world that has the feel of fairytales.


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