Why Lagandorain?


The croft of Lagandorain is both my home and my creative attempt at an integrated and sustainable life. It’s a work in progress, not perfect -but I love it. As is so often the case, a place as elemental, grounded and as literal as Iona is particularly amenable to the inexplicable and the numinous. Iona has been described as ‘a thin place’ and metaphor and mystery surround your life here, if you choose. Art is a prism with which we can comprehend something of this paradox. And it is a personal compass point for my life in this astonishingly beautiful, transcendent and challenging place.


Enjoying the company of creative folk as I do, I can’t help but be aware of the challenges and compromises they endure in the pursuit of their art. Money, relationships, work and everyday life easily crowd out the creative impulse and focus that so often depends upon quiet reflection and experimentation to be born. Time is precious and there is no short cut.

That is why I offer month long residencies. It strikes me as a helpful amount of time to focus upon ones work and be able to achieve some sort of development or result.  It also allows the artist the challenge and fruitfulness of the sheer physicality of life on Iona in winter. It can be tough and you are thrown back upon yourself, demons and all -but there is a creativity in that.

Anna, Lagandorain’s first artist in residence has arrived. Over to her…


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